1. WHEN DO YOU POST YOUR WORKSHOP SCHEDULES? Workshops are posted approximately one month prior to the beginning of each session. Sessions are usually 6-8 weeks long, with 2 or 3 workshops taking place each week.

  2. HOW MUCH ARE YOUR WORKSHOPS? Each workshop is priced differently according to the time involved and the project.

  3. CAN I BUY SOAKED WILLOW TO TAKE HOME AFTER MY WORKSHOP? If you would like to take soaked willow home please let us know when book your workshop so that we have time to soak and mellow it for you.

  4. DO YOU SELL DRIED BASKETRY WILLOW? Yes we do! Information is available here>

  5. HOW DO I TREAT MY WILLOW GARDEN ORNAMENTS OR BIRD FEEDER? We recommend a 50/50 solution of boiled linseed oil and turpentine brushed or sprayed on the willow once it has dried. It may be reapplied once or twice a year, just make sure you bring it in and dry it out before you reapply.

  6. DO YOU TEACH CHILDREN /MAY I BRING MY CHILD OR DOG TO THE WORKSHOP? Our classes are designed for adults, minimum 18 years of age or older. Sorry, our facilities are not suitable for children or pets.

  7. WHAT IS YOUR CANCELLATION POLICY? Cancellation information is available here.

  8. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TO YOUR WORKSHOPS? Most of our classes are held in our studio which is heated and airconditioned. If a workshop is to be held outdoors or in our greenhouse we will inform you prior to the class.

  9. DO YOU SELL GIFT CERTIFICATES? Yes! We offer gift cards for workshops, living willow kits or hand-made baskets. Please contact us if you would like one.

  10. WHY ARE YOUR WORKSHOPS SOLD OUT? We limit the size of our classes in order to give you the best experience possible. Basketry is a very popular craft and everyone wants to learn how to work with willow!

  11. DO YOU HAVE A RETAIL STORE? Our farm is open for workshops or by appointment only. We have a small stock of ready made-baskets and garden ornaments in the studio and welcome commissions.

  12. WHAT TOOLS SHOULD I BRING? We supply all of the tools you will need to construct your project but if you have any favourite basketry tools please don’t hesitate to bring them with you.

  13. WOULD YOU HOLD A WORKSHOP AT OUR SCHOOL/HOME/BUSINESS? Most of our workshops are held at our studio in Warkworth, Ontario. Please contact us> to discuss off-site workshops.


  1. WHEN IS LIVING WILLOW AVAILABLE? Late March or April, depending on the spring thaw.

  2. DO YOU SELL PLANTS? We offering dormant willow cuttings and rods.

  3. HOW MUCH ARE YOUR KITS FOR DOMES AND TUNNELS? Pricing is available here>.

  4. DO YOU SHIP TO CANADA AND THE US? We offer shipping for dormant cuttings in Canada only. Rods and kits must be picked-up at our farm in Warkworth, Ontario

  5. WILL YOU PLEASE CALL ME TO TALK ABOUT YOUR PRODUCTS? As much as we would love to speak with you on the phone, we usually have our hands full of sticks! The best way to contact us is by email or by filling out this contact form>. We will do our best to respond as soon as we can but it may take a few days if we are harvesting or teaching.

  6. WHAT VARIETIES OF WILLOW DO YOU SELL? Our willow list is available here>

  7. CAN I KEEP MY WOVEN WILLOW TREE IN A POT? We recommend willow trees grow best if planted in the ground, once they have been established in the pot, so that the root system has room to grow. Willow requires a lot of water and a pot of willow roots can get very thirsty during a hot, dry summer.

  8. DOES WILLOW NEED SUN? Yes, at least a 1/2 day sun. Read more care instructions here>

  9. HOW DO I PLANT A WILLOW DOME? Each of our kits includes an instruction sheet for planting. We also offer a demo workshop at the farm for Deluxe kits. Demo workshop spaces may also be purchased as an add on with a basic kit or purchase of willow rods.

  10. WOULD YOU TEACH A DEMONSTRATION AT OUR SCHOOL/HOME/BUSINESS? Living willow time is very busy for us. We are teaching, harvesting and preparing kits and the timing for planting is very tight. Because we are so busy, we only offer demonstrations at our farm in Warkworth, Ontario.