Outdoor Decorating

With the end of the harvest we now have some time to catch up on custom urn orders, gifts for family and friends and also decorate here on the farm. Bitter temperatures and wind chills made the thought of decorating outdoors unappealing so the sunroom and living room became assembly central with branches, evergreens and glitter strewn all over the floor! Since we create our designs in plastic inserts, we were able to stay warm and dry and enjoy the smell of cedar, pine and fir while the dog and cats lay by the fire. 

The urn we made for Mum's patio.

This week Watershed Magazine will shoot our house inside and out for next year's Winter issue. Yesterday we completed the eight outdoor urns around the house, it was snowing, blowing and unbelievably cold but we managed to set them up and take photos without getting frost bite. 


This morning we discovered our beautiful creations buried under mounds of snow! 

What Do We Grow at The Branch Ranch?

Early this fall, Carola Vynhak, a journalist who has worked with the Toronto Star for 35+ years, spent the morning with us on the farm, taking photos and talking about what we do here. Today her piece is featured in the Life Section of the paper. It has been an interesting and overwhelming experience for two reclusive farm girls! We love what Carola wrote and thank her very much for writing about us. Here is a link to the article online: At The Branch Ranch, an Unusual Farm, They Grow - what else? - Branches!