Ilex Verticillata

Nothing says holidays quite like Ilex Verticillata, also known as Winterberry. This shrub is a species of holly native to North America. At the end of the season Ilex branches are covered in large, vivid red berries which attracts birds and brightens the winter landscape. In order to produce berries, a male plant must be present to pollinate the female fruit bearng shrubs. 

Ilex in fall.

Jill and Gina bring in the branches.

These berry laden branches are surprisingly heavy! 

Ilex and Magnolia

Ilex bundles.

Stick Heaven

Our sticks are extremely photogenic at this time of year. With cooler nights on the way they should continue to colour up even more and drop those pesky leaves so that the strippers can process bundles faster.  

Yellows and reds on the truck for delivery. 

Flame willow ready for stripping.

 Reds stripped and ready for bundling. 

Reds, Yellows and Cardinals.

The pile is growing! 

Sweet, Sweet, Bittersweet

Much to our surprise, the weather on Saturday was beautiful, which was great for us while we packaged up bittersweet, flame willow and rose hips for delivery. 

Jill has company while she is cutting the bittersweet.

The beautiful fruit of the bittersweet vine.

The view from the top of the bittersweet field.

Tucker, forever watchful, just in case we might have something tasty to pass over the fence.

The truck is loaded, ready for another delivery.