With spring only weeks away, we are thinking about things that grow and the colour green! Once the pussy willow crop has been harvested we will shift our focus to living willow. Early spring is the best time to plant, once the ground has thawed and before the willows leaf out.


In spring 2016 we created several projects, including a natural playground at Percy Centennial Public School in Warkworth, Ontario. We watched these structures grow and change over the summer months and were thrilled to have the students at PCPS help us weave the new growth back into the walls of the dome and two tunnels in September when they returned from summer vacation. What a delight it was for us to see the excitement in their faces as they worked with the long rods that had sprouted from the framework we had planted just a few months earlier.


This year we are pleased to offer kits for domes, tunnels, fedges and chicken runs, plus willow rods for sale for larger projects. There are workshops for living willow trees and spheres scheduled for April and demo workshops available with the purchase of living willow kits


There are many fabulous artists around the world who work with Living Willow. Spencer Jenkins in the UK is one of our favourites!

photo courtesy  Spencer Jenkins

photo courtesy Spencer Jenkins