Emerging From Hibernation

What a winter!  We bundled up to kept warm, feeding the horses and donkeys extra hay to help them battle the cold, then back to the warmth of the wood stove to watch the birds, rabbits and squirrels forage for seed at the feeders, which where barely visible behind mountains of snow. Not all wildlife suffered with the snow cover, a small hawk took advantage of the situation, spending days patrolling the tunnels of snow between each feeder.

Our rainbow fields are barely recognizable now, only the tops of the tallest sticks can be seen poking through the snow in the otherwise white on white landscape. In rows that once towered over our heads, we  now look down on the tops of plants and wonder when we will see the crowns again. The pussy willow harvest remains on hold while we wait for spring to arrive and the melt to begin. It may be a long wait, with 3ft of snow in the fields and more cold and snow in the forecast all we can do is patrol the fields on skis or snowshoes and watch for "growth" of the coloured sticks when the snow recedes.