It's Worth the Drive to Warkworth

If you have not experienced this part of Ontario you should plan some extra time for a country drive when you visit us this weekend. Northumberland County is a beautiful area of farmland, rolling vistas and treelined country lane ways. With a recent snowfall, the hills are sparkling white and the quiet farm roads are cocooned in tunnels of snow laden limbs. You will be amazed at the incredible views of the surrounding countryside from many of the roads in Trent Hills. While you are here if you drive down our quiet road 10 minutes to the east you will find the wonderful village of Warkworth. A 'Designated Arts Community', this tiny town has a variety of shops, galleries and cafes you wont want to miss. Do some Christmas shopping, have some lunch and take a peek at all of the unique stores and galleries we have to offer.

Warkworth Brochure