Grow your own

It’s time to order your living willow for planting in spring 2019.

If you are considering a living willow structure or cutting garden your planting site must provide at least 1/2 day sun, must have access to a water source for weekly deep watering when planted and be away from septic systems and building foundations.



Would you like to build a living willow feature in your garden, school playground or business? Living willow playgrounds are very easy to construct for the whole family can be involved in the planning, construction and maintenance. They are fast growing and easy to maintain... but best of all they are GREEN!

Each deluxe kit includes everything you need to build your dome, tunnel, fedge or run, PLUS a free demonstration workshop with your purchase (for up to two participants). Living willow kits and rods are only available for pickup at the farm. The best time to plant is early spring, usually sometime in April. 

Read about the outdoor playground we installed at Percy Centennial School here.

Please contact us to pre-book your willow kits for planting in Spring, 2019.



This fast growing plant can be coppiced (cut down) yearly for a continual supply of weaving rods, or left to grow for two or three years to produce thicker, longer rods suitable for furniture making. Once these larger rods are cut to the ground this miraculous plant just keeps on growing! 

If you are planning a large structure, such as a maze or arbor, you can purchase willow rods for your own design. 

Willow cuttings are a great way to start a basketry garden or plant a large area such as a stream bank for erosion control or extensive area for windbreak or privacy. 

Please contact us to pre-book your willow cuttings or rods for planting in Spring, 2019. AVAILABLE IN CANADA ONLY.



We teach workshops on woven willow trees, spheres and demonstration days for anyone who purchases a living willow kit. 

Willow is a wonderful material to work with, extremely strong but very flexible, which makes it ideal for weaving in both structural patterns or random weaves. 

Living willow trees and spheres are created in our workshop in a pot so that you can transport them home and care for them in a sheltered location until the roots are established and they are ready to transplant into the ground. The first season they will require some pruning and careful watering but subsequent years you can enjoy the new growth in the summer and winter months and just trim it back in early spring to create new shoots again.