After many years of happy times and hard work harvesting ornamental decorative branches in the fall and spring we have come to the difficult decision to shift our focus to teaching and harvesting basketry willow for our workshops. Regretfully, as a result, we will not be holding our Annual Christmas Decor Sale at the farm. We just don’t know how to express our gratitude to everyone who has supported us over the years. We will miss seeing all of your familiar faces, so many of you were wonderfully dedicated and brave, trekking out on the back roads in all kinds of weather to purchase our farm grown branches and other items. A big part of our success was also due to the amazing people who helped us with harvesting and selling at the farm. We could not have managed without you! It’s impossible for us to reach everyone who would be coming out for our sale to tell them our news, so if you would kindly share this and help us spread the word we would really appreciate it. Many, many heart felt thanks from us both!

We wish you the very best for the Christmas season and a Happy New Year!

Madame Twig I & II